Created by musicians and music fans, Eye in the Sky Collective is an alternative model for the music industry, one that empowers independent artists to create a sustainable career and encourages fans to directly support the artists they love. We’re building an ecosystem based on direct-to-fan distribution, open resources and a more socially conscious approach to art and commerce.By providing bands with websites to sell music and merch, web tools to promote themselves and a sweet portal for fans to discover new music, we hope to enable the rise of middle class musicians in this changing industry. Our model allows artists to keep 100% of the profit from their sales and supplies them the hookups to make their dollar go further.

Within our ecosystem, we also operate a one-stop-shop of artist services including recording,mastering, CD/Vinyl manufacturing, graphic or web design, merch production- tshirts, stickers, sunglasses, etc, as well as  photography, videography, PR, marketing and even legal counsel. This collective unites our interests to give artists the best rates and resources previously reserved for major label artists.

Eye in the Sky is shaping an organization to be reactive to our artists, fans and the digital landscape around us. Stay tuned, music will be like water.

See the FAQ for more details….