WEEKEND LINEUP: Mr. Fest April 26-28

Wow, so many, SO many shows this weekend!  Thanks to the good people at KTSW Radio, Mr. Fest is becoming kind of a big deal in San Marcos, and a lot like ACL or SXSW, in that there are so many good shows going on, you will probably have a hard time choosing where to go, at least once.  We know everyone is excited for White Denim, who will be taking the stage at the beautiful Texas Music Theater on Saturday night.  But before that happens, we’ve got a lot to see.

Thursday night at Tantra Coffeehouse, Henry and the Invisibles and Equals will give everyone a proper kick-off to the weekend’s festivities, starting at 8pm.

Friday night we’ve got Marmalakes, who have an EP debuting next week, Zlam Dunk and blues duo Black Pistol Fire, all playing at the Texas Music Theater, show start at 8:30.

Then Saturday is everyone’s day to jump around as they please, because starting at 12pm (yes, you could be dancing your ass of by noon) there are 14 venues who will be hosting live music.  Some of our favorites will be:

Fulton Read (2:15pm) Little Radar (4:15pm) and The Couch (6:15) at Triple Crown; along with The Eastern Sea (4pm) at The Railyard.  One of our nearest and dearest, Wild Child, will be at Sean Patricks at 7pm.  We’ve also been hearing great things about Black Books, who will be playing at 7:30 at Vodka Street.  Then again, one could easily set up shop at Taxi’s Piano bar from 2pm-8pm and enjoy a wonderful set closing out with The Organics, The Baker Family and The Sour Notes.

Are you starting to get that dizzy feeling yet??  Well, we have to mention one more thing – the Texas Music Theater’s epic line-up starting at 8:30pm with Sphynx and ending with Quiet Company (11:30) and White Denim (12:30) – and Hallelujah that is all we need to close out another awesome year of Mr. Fest!  Thank you to all the bands participating, all of the beautiful people who help put this together, and everyone who comes out and makes it special.

Cheers guys!