East Cameron Folkcore’s new EP “The Sun Also Rises”

Songs are BIG when you’ve got to fit the sound of ten individuals into a single track.  ECF has done just that on their newest project, “The Sun Also Rises.”  They said it took them a whole two months just to mix the damn thing.  But the hard work has paid off, as now they are ready to debut the album for us on May 10th at the White Horse.

Their debut record, “The Sound and Fury” was named #1 Album in the 2011 Austin Chronicle’s Critic Poll, which is a pretty impressive hoop to jump through.  Furthermore, there is a whole community behind ECF that has been through a lot together, which I think is why their songs sound like ‘how it feels to come alive again’ or ‘feeling everything all at once.’  There is a lot of shifting, stopping, building and breaking in their songs, which gives them their own quality of life.

Enough rambling, the point is, I don’t think that we, at Eye In The Sky, are alone in our excitement to hear these new songs from East Cameron Folkcore at their EP release show.  You can get a taste of a few of the tracks HERE, but something tells me they’re holding off on the rest because they want us to experience them live, together.  So we encourage you to come out and celebrate, before they head off on their south east tour.

We wish you well ECF, and thank you.  http://eastcameronfolkcore.com

P.S.  Shakey Graves will be opening up the night for us at the May 10th show.  What more could we ask?