Trending Tuesday: Nick Nack “State Machine”


There’s no denying that Dj’s have taken over our radios, televisions and iPods but Austin beat maker, producer and record label head, Nick Nack’s style is something else, something real good. His most recent album, State Machine, will take you on a journey through calm, cool and collective mixes of old school hip hop. The beauty of State Machine is that it could be the background noise of a stylish party or at the same time, the music you listen to as you fall asleep. Either way, this album will do you good.

Toted recently by KUT as the “elder statesman” of the scene, Nick Nack is an Austin based turntabalist, musician and conceptual artist who has been on the Dj scene since the mid-90’s. Moving beyond simply spinning records to producing fusions of hip-hop, EDM and even classical, his mature, cultivated sound shows just how talented this veteran “disc jockey” is. To learn more, purchase State Machine and Nick Nack’s other records, see