Weekend show preview: The Tontons, Wild Child, Salesman, SORNE + more

Three reasons to come out this Friday- The Tontons, Wild Child and Emily Wolffe will be at Stubbs!  The Tontons are a beloved Houston indie band with their own unique, almost imponderable flavor.  You can’t quite pin these guys down with a lot of “sounds like” references.  Although, we can point out the soulful, jazzy vocals that exude over psychedelic pop soundscapes and of course, an undeniable third coast swagger.  Visit their Eye In The Sky page and take a listen to “Vietnam” to see what we’re talking about.  Now is also a great time to catch Wild Child, as they prepare for some more widespread attention.  The Austin folk sextet recently signed with the William Morris Agency and were invited to play the upcoming ACL Festival.  So we can’t wait to see what’s next for these guys!
The Salesman EP release show, happening Saturday at Swan Dive, is also high on our radar for this weekend.  Their newly titled EP WASP will be bringing forth an evening of colorful light shows, image provoking lyrics and trance inducing rhythms and harmonies.  One man band and folk virtuoso Shakey Graves will begin the evening with his commanding kick drum, guitar picking and thoughtful lyrics.  Lord Buffalo, whose members also make up Salesman but with a different arrangement and vision, will be supporting the bill as well.  Then, setting the final tone before the main show will be the avant-garde folk trio SORNE, whose psychedelic percussion and tribal melodies, convey a kindred spirit with the music of Salesman.
To all those performing and supporting this weekend – KEEP KILLIN IT!