Trending Tuesday: The Invincible Czars “1812 Overture”

Classifying The Invincible Czars into a specific genre seems nearly impossible. Their music hits all sorts of funky genres; pop, folk, classical, rock, alternative, trance, heavy metal, and the list goes on. This local Austin band, made up of six members, will take you on a psychedelic journey through powerful electric guitar solos, energetic drumming, righteous vocals, pleasant violin solos and so much more. Another unique aspect of this band is that they not only make their own original music but they present their own spin on other musical works (including music from Iron Maiden, The Black Keys and the Nutcracker just to name a few) even scoring the music for silent films.

After three years of long, hard work, The Invincible Czars just came out with a new record entitled 1812 Overture which is a modern take on Tchaikovsky’s classic arrangements. The band played an Independence day concert this past week and will be performing again in August. This group of bizarre, hip musicians put on more of a musical than a concert when they perform so be sure to catch one of their charming shows.