Trending Tuesday: Mrs. Glass, White Horse residency, drinking whiskey, playing poker


Tuesday nights are good for a few things or combinations of these things- poker nights, drinking whiskey or partying at The White Horse, as I learned on July 3rd. Obviously it was a holiday night, but man was it happening. Besides the whiskey-on-tap, the sweaty, beautifully dirty sleezy dancefloor and the  bombs bursting in air, there was a mood about.  Turns out the soundtrack to that hazy, smokey, lust-laden night was none other than blues infested, tunesmith, “Mrs. Glass“.

I got my face jam’d out too many times to tell that evening, one of the classic headturners being a dirty, dirttttyyyyy cover of Purple Rain. Highlights on the dancefloor abound. Don’t know if it was freedom in the air or the whiskey running rampant but everyone was slidin’ along with guitar and pulsing with the deep bass.

Bottom line, real cool stuff. Think we might have a gem here. Or maybe it was the whiskey on tap. Or maybe I need to skip poker night more often. Sorry Pat. Catchya playing online poker.