Artist Spotlight: Henry + The Invisibles

¬†Henry + The Invisibles, also known as the “onemanphunkband,’ is one of our most beloved artists and for good reason. He has mastered the craft of intertwining harmonious vocals, almighty percussion, jammin’ bass and groovy guitar. The most impressive part is that he plays all the instruments, produces and engineers his own funky music. He layers all these groovy sounds to make righteous, booty-shakin’ tunes that will get even the stiffest person movin’ and groovin’. Henry + The Invisibiles (Henry Roland) is definitely known as a “must see live” act dazzling with light, sounds and puppetry. Yes, you gotta see it to believe it. Deservedly so, he now has a residency at The Flamingo Cantina where he plays every Thursday and will also be performing at the prospering Utopiafest. If you have not seen this man live, get your booty out to one of his shows and shake it like a polaroid picture!

Check out the latest song by Henry + The Invisibles HERE!