Trending Tuesday: Little Radar

When a Little Radar show comes around everyone should stop and take note. Led by Sean Hale, the bands energy provides for one of the most enjoyable and genuine experiences in the music capital of the world.  I know this is a robust statement, but since the first time I caught this band live I have hailed them as a local favorite. With a refreshing sound that redefines how respectable pop rock can be, this Austin quartet makes music fun again. Something that is often lacking from a more serious music scene these days. Say the kind of fun that spawns a pool party.

Thankfully, for their first single off the latest album “Up in Arms” the band decided to film said pool party. Using a GOPro camera, Little Radar created one of the most original and joyfully nostalgic videos we have seen this year. If you have not already loved on this video, here it is.

In other LR news, they will be gracing the stage at The ND this Saturday along with She Keeps Bees, our friends Old Coyote, and ((Sounder)) rounding out the night. Show starts at 9pm so mark your calendars, arm your alarms, and we will see you there.

For more info on Little Radar head over to their Eye in the Sky artist page, where you can stream “Up in Arms” for free!