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Artist Spotlight: Sundress

It doesn’t matter where you’re jamming out, listening to the psychedelic harmonies of Sundress will make you feel like a sandy-bottom, beach bum chillin’ on the golden coast of California. This dream pop quintet may be from Denton, Texas but definitely know how to channel the inner surfer dude or dudette in anyone. Labeled as […]

Artist Spotlight: Henry + The Invisibles

¬†Henry + The Invisibles, also known as the “onemanphunkband,’ is one of our most beloved artists and for good reason. He has mastered the craft of intertwining harmonious vocals, almighty percussion, jammin’ bass and groovy guitar. The most impressive part is that he plays all the instruments, produces and engineers his own funky music. He […]

Trending Tuesday: The Invincible Czars “1812 Overture”

Classifying The Invincible Czars into a specific genre seems nearly impossible. Their music hits all sorts of funky genres; pop, folk, classical, rock, alternative, trance, heavy metal, and the list goes on. This local Austin band, made up of six members, will take you on a psychedelic journey through powerful electric guitar solos, energetic drumming, […]

Trending Tuesday: Whiskey Shivers “Rampa Head”

When life gets tough, play tunes. That’s the motto of local Austin band, Whiskey Shivers, and what a great motto to live by. Shivers is an Americana band that has all the fixings for an ideal folky, bluegrassy sound; an upright bass, fiddle, washboard, guitar and of course, a banjo. All these countrified instruments work […]

Trending Tuesday: Megafauna “Surreal Estate”

The sound of Austin rockers, Megafauna, is not something normally heard on the radio, or television, or anywhere. Their unique mixture of strong, unfiltered lyrics and their raw, ruthless melodies makes for the perfect, unconventional combination. Formed in 2009 fresh from Brooklyn to Austin, Dani Neff assembled an allstar cast of shredders to complete Megafauna’s […]

Trending Tuesday: Hello Wheels

The upbeat and eclectic sound of Hello Wheels is undeniable to say the least. This band has been said to be “a new sound with old soul” which is exactly what they’re all about, with an emphasis on the soul. Their first album, Baby John the Fox, came out last year and was very well […]

Trending Tuesday: Nick Nack “State Machine”

There’s no denying that Dj’s have taken over our radios, televisions and iPods but Austin beat maker, producer and record label head, Nick Nack’s style is something else, something real good.

Trending Tuesday: Driver Friendly “Messidona” Driver Friendly’s music video for their song “Messidona” is quite the unique, innovative and entertaining experience. The video is a journey through the different films of the great Tom Hanks. The best part is, the band members act out the different roles of the idolized actor and do so in the most superb way. […]

Trending Tuesday: Zeale ft. Patricia Lynn “Hope Dies”

Local hip, hip-hop artist, Zeale, just released his new music video for “Hope Dies” featuring vocals from Patricia Lynn of The Soldier Thread. This music video, produced by PaperTank Productions, will keep you engaged with its stunning visuals and raw sound. The characters in the video are played by Zeale and Lynn themselves and tells […]

Trending Tuesday: The Eastern Sea “A Lie”

The Eastern Sea’s new video “A Lie” is the perfect mixture of indie folk rock, head bobbing and beer brewing. The band definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. This happy-go-lucky video captures the contrast of indie pop and their darker progressive tendencies. Conversely, the video speaks to anyone who enjoys beer, […]