Artist Spotlight: Equals

If you are wondering what to do on March 16th at 4 PM we have an idea for you. Why don’t you don’t see our friends Equals playing at Eye in the Sky’s Future of Music Showcase? If you enjoy local, instrumental, math rock then you are in for a real treat! Equals came out with their […]


Artist Spotlight: Seveer Transmission

Bringing some old school turntablism and rich hip-hop heritage to our Future of Music Showcase is the duo Seveer Tranmission comprised of producers Sev Seveer and Rice the Sound Transmitter. Doused in vinyl chops and baritone vox, these guys pick up where greats like J Dilla and A Tribe Called Quest left off expounding the […]


Artist Spotlight: Retrospect

Since their inception, Retrospect has evolved from their underground riffs to poetic lyrics while honoring the old school Hip Hop style. The young emcees, Quotes and Def Poet, pay homage to their Chicago roots and their musical influence with mixing R&B and Hip Hop in notable tracks like Rise Above. The duet fill a stage […]


Artist Spotlight: The Tontons

The Tontons, an indie pop psychedelic group from Houston, Texas will be joining us this year for The Future of Music Showcase. If you have never heard lead singer Asli Omar’s wailing vocals or experienced the creative drum fills of Justin Martinez, don’t worry-there is still time before SXSW! Check out their most recent EP […]

emily bell2

Artist Spotlight: Emily Bell

Welcome to the Emily Bell revolution. By way of Houston, New York, and Los Angeles, the sultry queen of classic rock has returned to Austin. A mix of classic 60’s rock n’ r0ll and technicolor soul, Emily Bell presents a new genre of sultry lounge music that we like to call Nu-Vintage. Emily got her […]

wild child2

Artist Spotlight: Wild Child

When the indie folk band Wild Child first began it was just Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins, but since then their music has really taken off, they have expanded to a full six piece group. Kelsey and Alexander have the rare ability to sing about heavy romantic subjects while making them sound light. In the […]

Carlton Zeus


Coming from our neighboring city of San Antonio, Carlton Zeus brings a fresh new quality to the hip-hop genre drawing influences from an array of genres from reggae to beach rock to folk music. This mash up of styles lends an edge to Zeus’s music that separates him from mainstream hip-hop. Carlton Zeus rides on […]


Artist Spotlight: Megafauna

At both times heavy and light, dark and beautiful, Megafauna’s sound walks the fine line of progressive rock and melodic psychedelia. Singer/guitarist Dani Neff is both the shredmaster and the viking goddess who commands your attention alternating between mad riffage and soaring vocals. Imagine Led Zeppelin with Bjorke on lead vox. The ever-menacing rhythm section […]

Leopold and His Fiction


With the raspy vocals of Daniel James backed by drums and electric guitar solos that will leave you speechless, Leopold and His Fiction is a San Franciscan turned Texan folk-rock band with a touch of the psychedelic and blues. When listening to Leopold and His Fiction, one can instantly get a sense for the California […]


Artist Spotlight: Tyagaraja

Tyagaraja, a youthful and experimental folk artist, has a way of bringing seemingly different cultures together. Born Johnathan Welch, Tyagaraja was renamed by his mentor after a spiritual journey. His most recent album, “Open Book” appeals to a wide variety of listeners, especially fans who have caught his tour through the United States and India. […]