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Artist Spotlight: Riders Against the Storm

Riders Against the Storm’s (RAS) format of creating beats and poetry is a rare bird as they work as a husband and wife duet. Jbro and Tiger Lily produce their message side-by-side with a spoken word-Hip Hop/Funk infusion that keeps the history in the present. The reincarnation of M.L.K. and Malcolm X is seeded in […]

Artist Spotlight: Seveer Transmission

Bringing some old school turntablism and rich hip-hop heritage to our Future of Music Showcase is the duo Seveer Tranmission comprised of producers Sev Seveer and Rice the Sound Transmitter. Doused in vinyl chops and baritone vox, these guys pick up where greats like J Dilla and A Tribe Called Quest left off expounding the […]

Artist Spotlight: Retrospect

Since their inception, Retrospect has evolved from their underground riffs to poetic lyrics while honoring the old school Hip Hop style. The young emcees, Quotes and Def Poet, pay homage to their Chicago roots and their musical influence with mixing R&B and Hip Hop in notable tracks like Rise Above. The duet fill a stage […]


Coming from our neighboring city of San Antonio, Carlton Zeus brings a fresh new quality to the hip-hop genre drawing influences from an array of genres from reggae to beach rock to folk music. This mash up of styles lends an edge to Zeus’s music that separates him from mainstream hip-hop. Carlton Zeus rides on […]

Trending Tuesday: Zeale ft. Patricia Lynn “Hope Dies”

Local hip, hip-hop artist, Zeale, just released his new music video for “Hope Dies” featuring vocals from Patricia Lynn of The Soldier Thread. This music video, produced by PaperTank Productions, will keep you engaged with its stunning visuals and raw sound. The characters in the video are played by Zeale and Lynn themselves and tells […]