What is Eye in the Sky Collective?

We are a collective focused on bringing artists and fans together. Our artists can sell their music directly to fans to earn the most profit. Meanwhile, we provide fans with a seamless music experience on their terms through whatever networks or devices they use.

What’s in it for fans?

Through the collective, fans can support their favorite artists directly as patrons of the arts. Stream music, share songs, create playlists and get exclusive access to new content from your favorite bands as well as monthly events that bring it all to life.

What’s in it for artists?

Eye in the Sky Collective is free to join, bringing artists together to provide better opportunities, visibility and resources. Within the collective, artists keep 100 percent of their sales and 100 percent of their rights. Artists receive a discounted collective rate on artist services, and have the opportunity to make more money than through traditional distribution.

Can any artist join? Sign me up!?

We are building an exclusive roster of quality, hard-working artists from all genres.
While we’re growing the collective, there are certain qualifications for eligible artists (# of fans, release history, current activity, etc) but we’re open to hearing from all artists. Please submit through submissions@eyeinthesky.org – we’ll try to get back to everyone but as submissions increase,we may only be able to respond to those bands which we can involve at this time. Stay tuned though as we plan to make this collective, the resources and tools available to more artists.

How are artists paid? Is my money trapped in this Eye in the Sky account?

Our internal accounting system means fewer charges and no third-party money transfer fees. Artists can check their accounts anytime to see how much they have to spend within our network of services. No, your money is not trapped, it can be removed from an artist’s EITS account at the industry standard 85% rate. We encourage our artists to keep 100%, reinvest it in themselves and make the most of it at our one-stop-shop.

Can I still sell my music on iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby?

Absolutely. Our non-exclusive agreement means you can sell your music wherever your fans are. But wouldn’t you rather direct them to the site that lets you keep 100 percent of your sales?

I already work with a great recording studio or graphic designer, etc. for a great price. Why should I join the collective?

We want you to use your people—but we can help suit your other needs with our wide range of services from CD/Vinyl pressing to t-shirt printing to web design. You can also introduce your people to us in order to help the collective grow.

What if I have a label, manager or booking agent?

We’d love to work with them to help you succeed. Just see us as another digital distribution channel that pays a better percentage while offering the artist services you need.

So you want to take over my career, right?

No way. We’re helping you to build a more sustainable music career. Our plan depends on you, the artist, and part of our vision involves adapting to your needs. Expect more dialogue like this and please contact us to discuss more.

Sounds too good to be true….if you’re SO nice to artists, how does Eye in the Sky make money?

Almost seems too good huh? We tried to make it that way, but yes we are running a business here and it does have to support itself somehow. We make money when artists spend their funds at our one-stop-shop of artist services.

I had an error with payment, that download didn’t work or this band never delivered my tshirt, WTF?!

We’re happy to help set things straight. Please send an email to support@eyeinthesky.org, include any order confirmation emails, details on the item you bought or issues you’re having.

Your website is not working. Things look weird on my browser? Error 1011?

While we’re trying to make the experience good for everyone, everywhere, Eye in the Sky’s site is optimized for modern browsers. You should consider these browsers for better speed, functionality and compatibility- Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.