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Artist Spotlight: The Tontons

The Tontons, an indie pop psychedelic group from Houston, Texas will be joining us this year for The Future of Music Showcase. If you have never heard lead singer Asli Omar’s wailing vocals or experienced the creative drum fills of Justin Martinez, don’t worry-there is still time before SXSW! Check out their most recent EP […]

Artist Spotlight: New York City Queens

Now road-hardened from US tours, cutting their chops and paying their dues, New York City Queens pedigree is beginning to match their gritty, city sound. Playing like a Strokes record infused with the progressive pop of The Format with a touch of female energy a la Eisley, their latest record “Burn Out Like Roman Candles” […]


We’ve got a really diverse group of shows and events to mention this week.  Continuing the festival spirit in Austin, Art Outside will be going on this weekend at Apache Pass.  This three-day creative fest will host an array of visual art, performance art and live music. Les Rav, Mother Falcon, Megafauna and Henry + […]

Trending Tuesday: Driver Friendly “Messidona”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGi7TdzKJNA Driver Friendly’s music video for their song “Messidona” is quite the unique, innovative and entertaining experience. The video is a journey through the different films of the great Tom Hanks. The best part is, the band members act out the different roles of the idolized actor and do so in the most superb way. […]

Trending Tuesday: The Eastern Sea “A Lie”

The Eastern Sea’s new video “A Lie” is the perfect mixture of indie folk rock, head bobbing and beer brewing. The band definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. This happy-go-lucky video captures the contrast of indie pop and their darker progressive tendencies. Conversely, the video speaks to anyone who enjoys beer, […]